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Cyprus and the Politics of Memory - History, Community and Conflict
Edited By Rebecca Bryant and Yiannis Papadakis

The island of Cyprus has been bitterly divided for more than four decades. One of the most divisi... 

The White Castle
Orhan Pamuk

From a Turkish writer who has been compared with Joyce, Nabokov, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez comes... 

Sendall in Cyprus 1892 - 1898: A Governor in Bondage
Diana Markides

This vivid account of the administration of Cyprus headed by Sir Walter Sendall at the end ... 

Traditional Recipes of Cyprus (English)
Athos Christodoulou

Cyprus Nationalism and International Politics
Michael A. Attalides

Cyprus Remembered
Reno Wideson

Ottoman Islamic and Islamised Monuments in Cyprus
Tuncer Bağışkan

Islamic Architecture in Cyprus

Modern Glazed Pottery of Cyprus Lapithos Ware
Eleni Papdemetriou

Levkosia The Capital of Cyprus
Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria

Levkosia The Capital of Cyprus, by Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria Reprinted from his original... 

Birds of Cyprus
David Bannerman, W. Mary Bannerman

Historic Cyprus: A Guide to Its Towns and Villages
Rupert Gunnis

This volume has taken three years to write-most pleasant years, which have enabled me to know eve... 

Art Antique de Chypre
V. Karageorghis, O. Masson

The exhibition of the Foundation's coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the Nat... 

Colonial Cyprus 1878-1960 (Selected Readings)
Emilios Solomou, Hubert Faustmann

Birds of Cyprus
Jane Stylianou

This is an easy-to-use book that is accessible to all, including children. It refers to all the b... 

Ücret Fiyat ve Kar
Karl Heinrich Marx

Marx’ın Ücret, Fiyat ve Kâr’ı, Marksist politik ekonominin en önemli ... 

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political
Butros Dau

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political, by Rev. Butros Dau

The Prince and the Pauper
Mark Twain

Kıbrıslırum ve Kıbrıslıtürk Öykü Antolojisi (Rumca-Türkçe)

Aspects Of Everyday Life In Cyprus: Iconographic representations
Vassos Karageorghis

British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus 1878-1960
Costas Georghiou

Footprints in Cyprus: An İllustrated History
Sir David Hunt

The Swedes in Cyprus
Rita C. Severis

Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare


On the occasion of the exhibition, the homonymous edition of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundati... 

The Ethic of Reconciliation
Ari Sitas