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To Kill a Sultan
Ahmet Ümit

Müştak Serhazin, last scion of the Serhazin clan. A man who has been waiting for years for o... 

Cyprus 1878 - The Journal of Sir Garnet Wolseley
Garnet Wolseley

Reprint of the private journal which Sir Garnet Wolseley wrote between the 19th of July and 31st ... 

Butterflies of Cyprus (Hardcover)
Christodoulos Makris

The publication includes an introduction that describes in brief the natural environment of Cypru... 

Flowering Plants For Hot Gardens
Patricia Jordan


Patricia Jordan, well-known gardener and feature writer, has li ved in Singa... 

Niyazi Kızılyürek

A Cook's Tour of Cyprus
Maurice Hassall

A recommended English heritage book that will excite your appetite by providing a memorable cultu... 

William Shakespeare

Cooking From Cyprus
Nearchos Nicolaou

Cypriot Costumes in the National Historical Museum
I. Mazarakis-Ainian, L. Michaelidou

The publication was prepared on the occasion of the exhibition entitled "The World of Cyprus at t... 

Eighty Days Blue (Eighty Days 2)
Vina Jackson

Recently settled in New York, fiery, flame-haired musician Summer Zahova is enjoying life as a vi... 

The Empires Longest Century
İlber Ortaylı

Throughout history, the Ottoman territories were linked with Europe both po... 

A Diary of the Euro Crisis in Cyprus
Panicos Demetriades

Cyprus Between East and West
J. Boardman

In a lecture delivered in November 2000, Sir John Boardman, professor of Classical Archaeology at... 

Ta Byzantina

Colours of Medieval Cyprus Through The Ceramic Collection Of The Leventis Municipal Museum Of Nicosi...
Demetra Papanikola-Bakirtzis

Τα Τσιαττιστά του Παλιωμάτου στον Κατακλυσμό Λάρνακας – τόμος Β΄ 2000-2009...
Νικολέττα Δημητρίου

Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait
Yvonne Çerkez

Water - The Adventures of Misfit Defne Kaman
Buket Uzuner

Life in this land began with a love for Mother Nature that saw all living beings as equals. The a... 

Air - The Adventures Of Misfit Defne Kaman
Buket Uzuner

The journalist Defne Kaman is being prosecuted for her article “Why N... 

The Masque Of The Red Death
Edgar Allan Poe

Picture Book of Cyprus

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus
Lawrence Durrell

This text is part of a three part series of Durrell's writings on Greece. This volume explores th... 

Angelina's Treasure (Cyprus 1570+)
Özay Mehmet

Angelina's Treasure, Cyprus 1570+ is a family history of Ottoman Cyprus: a story of intrigu... 

Isle of Discord: Nationalism, Imperialism and the Making of the Cyprus Problem
Yiannis D. Stefanidis

This inquiry into the post-war origins of the Cyprus question is based on previously unpublished ... 

Touched By Angels
Debbie Macomber

New York City is alwaysin need of miracles . . .
And this Christmas is no exception. Thank ...