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Akamas (Film+Kitap)


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Panicos Chrysanthou / Eser Sahibinin Yayını

OMERIS, a Turkish Cypriot boy, grows up with Greek Cypriots during the innocent years of his homeland. He has been taught that human beings have no differences, thought they call themselves Greek or Turk, Muslim or Christian. When he falls in love with a Greek Cypriot girl, he realizes that the world around is not as he expected. But the game of love is often painful: He has to find a way to win the girl's love. Later, he discovers that, what is natural for the rest of the world – to be together with the person one loves – for him turns out to be an adventure. He has to fight against the absurdity of fanaticism that invades his personal life and tries to crush it.

1. Hamur, karton, 96 sayfa, 2011
ISBN: akamaspanicos 

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