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A Cook's Tour of Cyprus


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Maurice Hassall / Power Publishing
Genre: Cyprus Books

A recommended English heritage book that will excite your appetite by providing a memorable cultural feast.
The reader is romantically and humorously guided through nearly a century of English cookery.

As a proud Englishman the author's love of his country and culinary traditions will make you feel that you would like to share in his enthusiasm, and in some way contribute to the book.

It is not a manuscript of detailed boring research, but a kaleidoscope of events as they occur in the life of a chef.
After every chapter you will feel persuaded to holiday in England. If you are English your patriotic spirit will be raised to greater heights.

The author's unusual style of writing has been a major contributing factor to the acclaimed success of his previous best selling book "A Cook's Tour of Cyprus" with Hassall.

2. Hamur, karton, 253 pages, 2007
ISBN: 978-9963-673-03-1