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Aromatic and Spicy Plants in Cyprus (Hardcover)


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Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou / Bank of Cyprus
Genre: Cyprus Books

This book describes 206 woody, flowering, non-flowering and aromatic and spicy plants (189 species, 26 subspecies and a hybrid). These plants all contain or exude essential oils and other substances, or can be used as spices to provide flavour, taste and aromas to food and other substances. Many are indigenous, others arrived on the island in various ways and yet others are traditionally intensively or occasionally cultivated. But some are familiar to the Cypriot people only from their products. Apart from descriptions of the plants, many illustrated, a comprehensive range of facts and information are given covering their terminology and ecology, and their propagation in Cyprus and overseas.The plants are also connected or compared with aromatic and seasoning plants referred to in ancient, medieval and more recent writings - and even with plant remains discovered in archaeological sites. Special emphasis is placed on those facts that concern Cyprus. General information is also provided on the attributes, uses and products produced from each plant. In addition, the book is enriched with facts, information and reports connected with the folklore, religion, poetry, history, traditions, morals and customs of the Cypriot people and their cultural roots. The book is enhanced with around 700 exceptional coloured photographs.

Kuşe, Ciltli, 443 pages, 2007
ISBN: 9789963428533